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JZI invests in Treee, Italy’s first nationwide recycler of electric and electronic goods

Wed 8th Nov 2017

In June 2017, JZI finalized its investment in Treee (or the “Company”), a leading, nationwide platform for the recycling of electric and electronic waste (“e-waste”) in the Italian marketplace.

In October 2017, JZI completed its first add-on investment for Treee, acquiring NEC New Ecology (“NEC”), a treatment plant located in the Northeast of Italy. The addition of NEC expands the Company’s geographic coverage into a crucially important region and makes Treee the top player in the Italian market by size.

Capitalizing on its network of treatment plants and logistics operators across Italy, Treee is able to efficiently transport and process all five major categories of e-waste, including: large and small appliances (both cooling and non-cooling), televisions, computers and lighting elements.

The Company is currently experiencing an exponential growth phase underpinned by European Union (“EU”) directives obliging Italy to increase recycled volumes threefold by 2019, from four to 12 kilograms per capita.

JZI intends to leverage its platform investment in Treee to further consolidate the Italian market through a buy-and-build strategy, with the potential to export the business model to other European nations as they similarly increase recycled volumes of e-waste per EU regulations.

JZI invests in ERSIndustries

Thu 2nd Feb 2017

In November 2016, JZI finalized its investment in ERSIndustries (“ERSI” or the “Company”), a one-stop shop providing engineering expertise, steel procurement, local manufacturing and on-site assembly of pre-fabricated, reinforced steel modules for major international infrastructure projects.

ERSI’s business model and value proposition to its clients is unique. Contractors tend to use a wide array of different suppliers for engineering, steel procurement, manufacturing and on-site assembly. In contrast, ERSI delivers an integral solution to contractors that encompasses all the activities in the value chain, reducing complexity for the contractor and providing certainty on costs.

The Company is currently experiencing an exponential growth phase, underpinned by a substantial backlog of projects throughout Latin America and the Middle East, including several subway lines, rail lines and highways in Latin American and Middle Eastern capital cities.

JZI invests in Finnish loan company My Lender

Mon 29th Feb 2016

JZI finalized its investment in Finnish company My Lender in November 2015. JZI owns a majority stake in the business, while the existing management team and co-founders retain a minority stake.

My Lender provides unsecured personal consumer loans in Finland, targeting a certain under-served customer niche in the country. The average loan ticket size is targeted to be in the range of €5,000-10,000, with an average tenor of 72 months. The management team provides an extensive experience in the sector, having set up Citigroup’s consumer finance business in Finland in the early 2000s as well as having founded and developed other businesses in the same space in the following years.

JZI will provide financial resources for My Lender to expand its business in Finland; JZI also plans to incorporate MyLender into a larger, pan-Scandinavian consumer lending platform. Future investments to expand the business may involve companies active in Sweden and Norway.

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