Press Releases

JZI makes investment in BlueSites, a build-up to acquire cell tower land leases in Portugal.

Wed 12th Sep 2018

In December 2017, JZI completed an investment in BlueSites, a strategic build-up in Portugal to acquire existing, long-term cell tower land leases between the landlord and the owner/operator of the mobile transmission tower.

Our management partners in this project are Bluemint Capital, an experienced Portuguese management team lead by Portuguese telecommunications expert Antonio Robalo de Almeida. BlueSites will be led by Antonio as Chairman and Ricardo Lourenço as CEO.

JZI makes investment in Karium

Tue 4th Sep 2018

In August 2018, JZI finalized an investment in Karium, a unique portfolio of personal care brands, primarily in the hair care and skin care categories, recognized throughout the UK and internationally.

The brands owned by Karium include the fast-growing PRO:VOKE, an expert hair color enhancement and care brand; Soft & Gentle, a fragrance led anti-perspirant deodorant and care brand; Cuticura, an anti-bacterial hand hygiene and medicated skin care brand; and Inecto, a natural hair and body care brand centered on coconut and argan oil.

Alongside Karium’s strong management team and operating executive Richard Otley, JZI intends to continue to grow the business organically as well as through a focused buy-and-build strategy across the UK and Europe.

JZI invests in Treee, Italy’s first nationwide recycler of electric and electronic goods

Wed 8th Nov 2017

In June 2017, JZI finalized its investment in Treee (or the “Company”), a leading, nationwide platform for the recycling of electric and electronic waste (“e-waste”) in the Italian marketplace.

In October 2017, JZI completed its first add-on investment for Treee, acquiring NEC New Ecology (“NEC”), a treatment plant located in the Northeast of Italy. The addition of NEC expands the Company’s geographic coverage into a crucially important region and makes Treee the top player in the Italian market by size.

Capitalizing on its network of treatment plants and logistics operators across Italy, Treee is able to efficiently transport and process all five major categories of e-waste, including: large and small appliances (both cooling and non-cooling), televisions, computers and lighting elements.

The Company is currently experiencing an exponential growth phase underpinned by European Union (“EU”) directives obliging Italy to increase recycled volumes threefold by 2019, from four to 12 kilograms per capita.

JZI intends to leverage its platform investment in Treee to further consolidate the Italian market through a buy-and-build strategy, with the potential to export the business model to other European nations as they similarly increase recycled volumes of e-waste per EU regulations.